The readers of broken wheel recommend ; Katarina bivald

The readers of broken wheel recommend ; Katarina bivald

Les préludes de la lecture : livre que j’ai reçu de la part de la maison d’Edition Penguin Random House que je remercie vivement.

Résumé : Sara quitte sa Suède natale pour rejoindre sa correspondante et amie Amy. Mais quand elle arrive, elle apprend que l’histoire d’Amy vient de prendre fin. Elle est là pour deux mois, elle va découvrir la ville et les gens qu’elle n’a jamais vue, mais semble pourtant bien connaitre à travers les lettres d’Amy.

Le mot de la fin : un roman simple qui se lit vite et change les idées. Il est parfait en ouvrage de détente avec un côté très littéraire assez appréciable avec de belles références.

The preludes of reading: a book that I received from Penguin Random House that I thank warmly.

Summary: Sara left his native Sweden to join her friend and penfriend Amy. But when she arrives, she learns that the story of Amy just ended. She is there for two months, she will discover the city and the people she has never seen but nevertheless seems to know well through Amy’s letters.

The final word: a simple novel that reads quickly and takes you mind off things. It is perfect for relaxing with a quite significant literary side and nice references.

Extracts: « while her classemates had bullied or been bullied, carved meaningless symbols into desks or scrawled on one another’s lockers, she had experienced irrepressible passion, death, laughter, foreign lands, days gone by. Others might have found themselves stuck in a tired, old high school in Haninge, but she had been a geisha in Japan, walked alongside China’s last empress through he claustrophobic, closed-off rooms of the Forbidden City, grown up with Anna and the others in Green Gables, gone through her fair share of murder, and loved and lost over and over again.

Books had been a defensive wall, yes, though that wasn’t all. They had protected Sara from the world around her, but they had also turned it into a fuzzy backdrop for the real adventures in her life. »

 » People are better in books »

«  »Sometines I just think there are too many choices in life, » he continued. « It gets tough. » He turned toward her and said, « Sometimes I almost wish I could get sick just so I could lie in bed all day. Not have to do thing. No decisions for days. » « That’s what books are for »

 » She doubted she would be happy simply reading books and working in the future. But how exactly did you become someone who had dreams and goals? »

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